Best of the Best Plc (“BOTB”) started in 1999 as a business that displayed luxury cars as competition prizes in retail space within airport terminals and shopping centres. BOTB's revenue was largely derived from ticket sales to passing airport passengers.

In recent years the Company has evolved away from being an operator of physical based car competitions, to become a pure online business. The scope and breadth of our competitions and other products will continue to be developed to target the much larger addressable market online, both in the UK and internationally, using all available marketing channels.

On 14th August 2006 Best of the Best Plc was admitted to AIM.



How is the winner decided?

At the end of the Dream Car and Midweek Car competitions, the same 'Spot the Ball' picture you used to choose your coordinates is shown to a judging panel comprised of professional sporting experts. In the presence of an independent lawyer they mark where they think, in their professional opinion, the centre of the ball should be.  The winner is simply the person who is closest to the judged position. They will receive the prize corresponding to their winning ticket. 

How many tickets can I buy?

There is a limit of 100 tickets per customer, per competition for the Dream Car, Midweek Car and Lifestyle Competitions. 

For the Lifestyle Competition, the winner is drawn from all correct entries by PromoVeritas, the UK's leading independent promotional verification service. They will receive the prize corresponding to their winning ticket. 

How much is it to enter?

Dream Car and Midweek Car Competition tickets range from 85p - £8, depending on the type of car you'd like to win

Lifestyle Competition tickets start from just 15p, depending on the type of prize you'd like to win

What's Spot the Ball and why do you use it?

We are legally obliged to use a game of skill to determine the winner of our competitions - not simply a lottery or raffle. We use 'Spot the Ball' as it's widely recognised, fun and an easy way to enter. You will be shown a photograph that does not contain a ball.  

You must use your skill and judgement to decide where you think the centre of the ball should be. Your chosen points will be recorded as (x,y) coordinates.

How many winners have there been and can I win outside the UK?

Since 1999 we've given away over £35 million worth of cars to more than 550 winners from many countries all around the globe.  As a UK based company, approx 80% of our players are from the UK so as you would expect about 80% of our winners are from the UK as well, but we have also had many international winners.